The LaPerm Cat Club was founded in the UK in May 2004 by a group of LaPerm breeders and enthusiasts to encourage interest in and help establish the LaPerm breed in the UK, following from the importation of the first LaPerm, Uluru BC Omaste Po, into the UK from the USA by Anthony Nicholls.

Omaste, a lilac tortie and white LH was mated to Woodlandacre BC Windfire of Crearwy during her stay in the Netherlands before she finally arrived in the UK and her kittens were the first LaPerms to be born in this country. Omaste's litter of four curly and one straight haired kitten were born in June 2002. Since then a small group of breeders have and continue to work together to develop and establish the LaPerm cat in the UK.

Through the hard work of the Club's Members the breed has successfully completed all the stages for full recognition by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy and since June 2012 LaPerms have been able to gain titles at GCCF shows. The club would like to thank all of the breeders and owners of the cats that helped and continue to help us establish this wonderful breed.

The club is a member club of the GCCF and UK based but we have a strong international membership and welcome owners, breeders and those interested in the welfare of this unique breed, from all over the world and working in any registry.

The club logo was lovingly designed by Sue Pyrke using two of the initial UK LaPerms as models. Uluru BS Kimimi La was a Lilac Tortie Tabby and White Shorthair LaPerm and Aswani Thalia a Lilac Tortie Ticked Tabby Longhair LaPerm.

ChairAnthony NicholsVice ChairSue Amor
020 7252 425801386 45695
SecretaryCarol EvansTreasurerJen Pinches
-01204 494959

Committee Members

Nikki Lovell, Laura Twigger, Christine Raine, Kate Ekanger, Sally Thornton, Anne Hawthorn, Karen Kindell.

Other Positions

Membership Secretary - Anthony Nichols
Welfare Officer - Sue Amor
Kitten List Co-Ordinator - Christine Raines -

About the Breed

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