We understand that visitors to our site will want to be reassured that they will be able to contact reputable breeders. We expect all our listed breeders to comply with the General Code of Ethics for Breeders and Owners, recommended by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF). http://www.gccfcats.org/pdf/ethics.pdf

We would strongly recommend anyone who is looking for a pedigree kitten to first read this document and that they satisfy themselves that any breeder they contact complies with it.

We also recommend that when approaching breeders to purchase kittens you check the official suspension list on the GCCF website – buying a kitten from a suspended breeder will hinder any GCCF registration of kittens. The LaPerm Cat Club does not knowingly allow Breeders who are on the GCCF suspension list to be listed on this site but cannot accept responsibility if one is listed in error.

UK Breeders

June Gillies
Northamptonshire 01933 383515 Junegillies1@yahoo.co.uk

Kate Ekanger
Fife 01334 850783 izzatacat@aol.com

Nikki & Roy
Stoke-on-Trent nicola515@hotmail.co.uk

Carol Watts
Cambridgeshire 01487 822 650 carol2k2@hotmail.com

Helen Head
Poole 01202 692 350 ahccl@yahoo.co.uk

Karen Kindell and Anne Hawthorn
Nottingham anne.hawthorn@freeuk.com kindellkaren@yahoo.com

Anthony Nichols
London 020 7252 4258 Anthony@quincunxcats.co.uk www.quincunxcats.co.uk
Importer of the first LaPerms into the UK, breeding mainly longhaired, but also occasional shorthaired kittens in a variety of colours including chocolates, lilacs, torties, reds and bicolours.

Penni Cragg
01933 226694 penni.cragg@sky.com www.wakanda.co.uk

Overseas Breeders

Sandra Herrlin
Sweden +46 (0)707 83 92 42 sandraherrlin@hotmail.com www.anamiacats.se

Elodie Letot
Belgium +32 65 84.84.63 elodie@curlpassion.be www.curlpassion.be

Triple Tiara
Yumi Masuda Japan nishikoyama@ymail.plala.or.jp www.tripletiara.net


In order to have your stud listed here or for any further enquiries about LaPerm studs in the UK please contact the club secretary

Takoda Nashoba Niyol, seal point and white Longhaired LaPerm, F6
(Takoda BC Lonato Lallo, brown tabby and white Longhaired LaPerm x Takoda BC Kimiela, chocolate and white Longhaired LaPerm)
Please contact Sue Amor, above, for further details

Glastocats Walter White, chocolate darker points Longhaired LaPerm, F4
(Takoda Nashoba Niyol, seal point and white Longhaired LaPerm x Quincunx Irma Vep, lilac and white Longhaired LaPerm)
Please contact Anthony Nichols, above, for further details

Quincunx Yati Cento, cream and white Longhaired LaPerm, F1
(Ch Kagure Prince Caspian, brown classic tabby Asian Shorthair, approved outcross, x Quincunx Flibbertygibbet, chocolate tortie and white Longhaired LaPerm)
Please contact Carol Evans, above, for further details

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